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"Men’s rights activists don’t organize marches; they don’t build shelters or raise funds for abused men; they don’t organize prostate cancer-awareness events or campaign against prison rape. What they actually do, when they’re not simply carping in comments online, is target and harass women—from feminist writers and professors to activists—in an attempt to silence them."


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#mras #misogyny #sexism

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saying “that’s how things are” is incredibly useless when talking about social issues because yes, we are aware that that’s how things are, and we don’t like it, that’s the whole point

congratulations on providing no useful input to the conversation

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Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who think that wearing a hijab makes you oppressed.

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Koalas having an argument.


199 yuan ($32.33 USD)

Colors: 10+

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I really want a princess ring. I think they are so dainty and detailed. Just have to find one!

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Washington Ave. Darlin’ Syd rocking a Washington Ave. Style
Houston, Tx
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he needs those parts for his space ship

Guys gimme a greyhound
As soon as I have a place with room straight to one of the rescue centers
I need a greyhound bby in my life

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Aiya Van Kooten everyone

When Aiya Van Kooten stood face-to-face with a burglar in her bedroom, her left eye twitched, then she went into “predator mode”.
“I screamed at him… jumped off my chair, leaped over my bed and sprinted after him down the stairs,” she said.

This is the best story of my life

“Although she was the only one home, Van Kooten said she had no regard for her safety - instead, she said she was just overwhelmed with “rage“….. ummmmm Hero!!! 

Haha, badass Muslim woman. Love it!!!

This lady is so awesome. She lives with her grandma and was studying and had a towel on her head and no shoes but she chased them out of her garden, kicked one up the arse as he climbed a fence, they dropped a camera and laptop, she flagged down a passing driver to help her continue the pursuit, and it turned out he was ex-military, and they finally caught one of them in a park and pinned him as the police arrived. Now she’s going to visit the burglar in prison for the next few months to help with his rehabilitation.
So in summary:
This lady doesn’t just defend her home and loved ones, she will hunt you down, team up with other skilled individuals, get you put away, and then teach you the consequences of your actions until you’re a valuable member of society once more.
Seriously she’s a frigging superhero.

literal hero


If you identify as an “anti-feminist” please unfollow me. What are you doing here, are you lost?

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gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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